We’re about softness and curves close

We’re about softness and curves

What’s Pocce

1The curves you were looking for. A minimal funny brand, for those who like it mellow

Where’s Pocce

2Everywhere! But starting from Marche, Italy (pssst! Pocce is the marchigiano dialect for boobs!)

Who’s Pocce

3Anyone can! Just stay puft! Be lovely and spread Pocce for a softer world

Why Pocce

4Because Maddalena Ferretti loves chubby things. Pocce is a celebration of the roundness

Latest from Pocce

Instagram your Pocce

Pocce are fun and are better with friends!
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Friend of the Month

Every month Pocce collaborates with buddies who design poccy things

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Pocce for Good

Pocce has a dream and buying products in Pocce Shop you’ll help us fullfill it.

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